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How does a home performance audit help?

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A home performance audit takes a detailed, scientific look at the major items that contribute to the total energy use of your home -air leakage, faulty insulation, and energy consumption of appliances - and provides you with an analysis of various options for you to consider that will improve your home's energy efficiency. With your complete home performance report in hand you are ready to make informed decisions...
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What To Expect...
During A Home Energy Audit With Advanced Home Performance

The Energy audit process begins by learning about you and your interests or concerns with regards to your homes energy performance. We will conduct a thorough examination of past utility bills and general consumption as well as a room-by-room examination of your home to gain a better understanding of how your family uses energy.  We then assess the current efficiency of your home utilizing tools such as a blower door and a thermographic  (IR) scan and, to ensure the safety of your family, we evaluate all your appliances for carbon monoxide as well as efficiency. The process is systematic and practiced, ensuring the most detailed and accurate data with regards to your home and its current energy efficiency.
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Are there still rebates available in my area...?

Energy Upgrade California continues to provide rebates to qualifying projects.

The Energy Upgrade California program has expanded the threshold for qualifying energy retrofit programs and is working to extend the program beyond 2012. They now have an interactive website designed to assist homeowners in determining their eligibility and to help direct them to participating auditors and contractors. Advanced Home Performance specializes in discovery, implementation, and verification of energy saving measures followed by rebate application submission, tracking and verification of necessary documentation to help you to secure available rebates.  

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